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AC 700 Aertsen

A company which I don't see very often in The Netherlands but which is a big player in Belgium is Aertsen. Some days ago this few months old AC 700 was in the harbor of Rotterdam to lift the top of a new oiltank.

When I arrived the top was already placed and they were busy taking down the crane.

The assistcrane was this new Terex AC 60L.

Here the superlift was taken of the crane.

Two trucks follow the AC 700 wherever it goes. Both are 3 axle Scania R480 with a 5 axle ballasttrailer. One takes the groundplate together with 20t ballast, mats and a container with equipment. The other takes 40t counterweight, front outriggers and more equipment.

The superlift was transport on this 3 axle Nooteboom trailer.

After some time everything was ready to drive back to Belgium.

To close a nice steer picture. I hope to see this crane in action some time soon.

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