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Gottwald AK 1200

Late 2007 news came out that the Gottwald AK 1200 had found a new owner. After some years at crane dealer Sindorf it was sold to India, to the company Punj Lloyd.

The next thing to do was to transport the crane from Holland to India. Mark Heijdra was lucky enough to catch the transport of the main part on a combination from Westdijk.

The next day I went there to make some pictures of all the parts. To start with the rear end of the superstructure. This includes the A-frame and the whinch to move the A-frame.

The crawlers next to each other.

Most important piece of the entire crane, the front part of the superstructure including slewring and the engine.

Parts which make up the frame.

Huge hookblock.

About a week later I was lucky to see the parts being loaded into the ship.

The cranehouse was first lifted onto mid-deck and was later placed on the rear-deck with the use of the shipmounted cranes.

The crawlers and rear part would also be transported as deck-load and the other parts were loaded into the hull of the ship.

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