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About me & contact

About me and contact

I'm Emiel, 26 years old and lives in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam. Since I last updated this page I've been a mechanical engineer for 3.5 years already.
Since I was born I was facinated by machines. My first memory was when I was 2 years old, I was sitting on the bike of my dad and we came across a building site with a piledriver. We staid there for about 2 hours when my dad wanted to go home.
As time went by my dad and I took alot of trips into the harbor of Rotterdam to look for trucks and cranes. Everytime we came across a truck from abroad we took a picture of it with me infront of the truck.
Over the years my interests went from trucks to cranes. When I went to high school I already knew what I wanted to become, a engineer, what I am now.
For my study I had to take two half-year internships. Both times I did this with many joy at Sarens Netherlands, the dutch division of Sarens. First internship I was working at the engineering department making all kind of drawings, from lift- and transport drawings to jacking. Second internship was more focuses at my study thus I had to design, calculate and make production drawings of balanced lifting beam, see Bomecon for examples.

After many thinking I started working for Mammoet after I was graduated. Soon I was send to India for months to do a job with the MSG 80. After this job I was sent to Saudi Arabia for a project involving CC 8800-1, PTC and MSG80DS and many smaller cranes. The last half year I did numerous smaller projects in Holland/Belgium/Iceland/England.
Since 10th of april I took my build up holiday of 6 months and I'm no longer working for Mammoet since 10th of October. Why? To travel around the world! Meanwhile I finished traveling after backpacking thru Asia for well over 19 months.
People who want to read my dairy (in Dutch only), please visit my blog.

Thanks to everyone who came here thru the years, I've got more then 1.000.000 visitors sofar! When my traveling is finished I will decided whether to start updating the site again or to take it offline.

If you want to contact me, send me and e-mail click here or leave a message in my guestbook.

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