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Alot of people send me e-mails asking where are you? Will there be a new update? I haven't had time to mail everybody back so here a short story. The months before the summer holiday I was very busy with school to graduate in july for mechanical engineering. I spend the month August working full-time to leave to Hong Kong and Australia for the month September. During October I spend almost everyday taking pictures and in November I started working full-time again. Time flies by!

Together with 3 friends I went to Hong Kong to arrive there after a 9150km flight.

The airport was completely airco-ed so I didn't notice anything of the blazing heat and humidity.

Rotterdam was a big city for me which I was used to but this was a real concrete jungle!

Skyscrapers everywhere.

We stayed at the family of one of my friends.

When to government says you have to move, you really have to move...

Unbelievable how busy it was there, even in the middle of the night you couldn't count the people.

Traffic jams here aswell only for a short period of time during rush hour. The thing that works very good is public transport, busses drive almost every 5 minutes and you can ride the bus for as much as 0.80 for 2 hours.

It wasn't all concrete in Hong Kong. Because we didn't stay in a hotel we learned the real Hong Kong.

Some cranes in Hong Kong aswell, large ones aren't that common as in The Netherlands.

Heavy heavy transport.

The whole harbor was filled with these kind of crane ships.

The biggest construction site in Hong Kong was at the airport. I counted more then 30 crawler cranes!

If there's interest I will place some pictures of Australia aswell.

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