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LR 1450 in scale 1:20 made out of Lego

Mine LR 1450 build 100% (exept counterweight and rope) out of Lego in Scale 1:20. This picture is about 9 months old and shows the crane with it's black superlift. When the crane was finally erected the superlift litteraly broke in 2 pieces with as a concequens that the boom and jip fell unto the ground and the crane was declared total loss.

A couple of weeks later the complete crane was rebuild from scratch, this time with a LR 1450 as exemple. I have chosen for the LR 1450 because everybody starts building the biggest cranes (Twin Ring, CC 12600, LR 11200) and mostly because I've seen a LR 1450 from Mammoet (000 685) a couple of times.

The crane is operated with 11 lego motors:
- 3 pieces of hoist
- moving of the A-frame
- erecting mainboom (whinch in SL)
- erecting jip (whinch in mainboomt)
- crawling (1 in every crawler)
- slewing (2 engines)
- 1 moves a moving lego engine (just for fun).

A view at the SL counterweightcarrier with about 10 kg counterweight and the wheels turned in the position to the crane can slew.

It took a while waiting for a nice sunny day with no wind. The day I erected the crane there still was some wind, this is way I remove some boompieces in the mainboom and jip.

Slow but surely the mainboom and jip were erected to a height of about 3.5 meters. I got a little afraid when the wind picked up out of a sudden but the crane stood tall and staid up.

After dinner it was time for action. First of all I removed the jip and a little bench was hung into the hook.

After turning a quarter of a circle, crawling 10 cm and raising of the mainboom the bench hang above it's final position. So the bench was lowered and the LR 1450 finished it's job, many more are waiting.

As you can see in the pictures a very important piece is missing, the operatorscabine. It was destroyed during transportation.
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