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LTM 1800

This is one of the first LTM 1800s and has the TAN Guying system.

The crane was ordered by the German based Schmidbauer KG and it has done many years of service there. When I took these pictures the crane was at the crane-dealer P. van Adrighem.

The undercarrier of the crane is nearly identical as the one from the LG 1550, for example this one from Buller. The difference is that the LG 1550 is rigged with a lattice boom and this one with a telescopic boom. When you own a LG 1550 or LTM 1800 you can buy the other system so you can use both systems with the same crane.
The advantage of the teleboom is that it has a much shorter rigging time and lower transport costs.

After some days in which the crane stood with mainboom only the jib was mounted.

Some more pictures of the LTM 1800 with jib.

Something which makes this LTM 1800 different from most others is the TAN-guying system.

The system is kind of hard to explain. To simplify it a little bit I have painted the red lines in the picture above. First the line which is used to lift goes over the jib to the hookblock and then back via the jib to the TAN-system.

The wire goes over 2 sets of 2 sheaves at both sides and in the middle there is a cross placed sheave which lets the rope goes from right to left. These 3 parts are mounted on a frame which is connected with the first part of the jib. The more load the crane is lifting, the more tension there is on the ropes and thus the better the TAN-system works.

In this configuration the system isn't usefull. It is only usefull when one or more telescopic sections are out. At the RMkrane site are some pictures showing the crane with the TAN system: LTM 1800 Schmidbauer KG

To close two more pictures I found in a brochure from Liebherr, here the TAN-system can be clearly seen. The other picture shows how the boom is transported.

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