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TC 2800 Sarens

A nice crane of the Sarens fleet is this TC 2800. This crane was bought new by German based Bruns, after some years Sarens bought over the crane.

The first time I saw the crane in action was during the erection of some Vestas V90 windmills.

The nacelle of this windmill was brought by this nice MWT from Rijksen.

Just after delivery the nacelle was placed ontop of the tower.

Some weeks later the crane was rigged at a next windmill.

After all windmills were finished the crane had to place this 400t bridge deck near Rotterdam.

For this job the max 300t superlift counterweight had to be used.

Complete with all lifting equipment a total of 420t had to be lifted. With a heavy mainboom of 54m this was just in the chart.

As can be seen on these pictures some parts of the crane have not been repainted in original Sarens colours.

After a lond time in Germany to place windmills the crane was back in The Netherlands to place even more windmills.

To close a nice picture taken at the yard in Dordrecht.

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