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Saudi Arabia.

After my project in India I was able to go to Saudi Arabia.
At the site I was working it was not allowed to take pictures or to publish anything about it. Thankfully outside the gate there was also alot to be seen.
From june 2009 to june 2010 I was in Saudi with holiday after about 2 months.

At the picture above the CC 4000 from Alatas Big Lift can be seen. Might be the well know Saudi crane and transport company in the western world.Previously the joint-ventured with Big Lift (also Dutch company) and later with Mammoet.
This CC 4000 is " ring lift ready" and was bought from UK based Sparrows. This means that to upgrade the crane only the ring lift kit had to be bought, no extra adjusment to the crane itself. This kit was never bought because Sparrows bought the Gottwald MK 1000.
The next crane from ABL is this LG 1280, from the joint venture with Big Lift.
Most impressing crane was this Gottwald RG 912. Only 2 have been build, the other one is working in South Africa.
The superstructure can be split during transportation.
I was lucky enough to see the crane next to a gate.
Among other hydraulic and crawler cranes Alatas also has 2x LR 1200.
Another big player in Saudi Arabia is Tiong Woon Crane from Singapore. Among other crane this CC 2000, CC 2600 and CC 2800-1.
This 360t Kato with 14 outriggers was impressing to see, you will not come across something like this in Europe.
There are also various (small) truck crane, from Lorain, Italgru, Liebherr to a 3.5m wide Lima Clark 7707.
Next to the truck cranes, various old hydraulic crane. Trojsi from Italy and the Japanese version of a AC 1600 with only 8 axles.
Not only old but also new cranes are traveling the roads in Saudi like these LTM 1500 and GMK 7450.
The last month I was in Saudi this LTM 11200-9.1 was delivered to ACT Crane hire.
A Kobelco 5650, Demag CC 8800 and a Manitowoc 16000.
Not only cranes but many heavy haulage aswell, later more about this.
Then the question how hot it was? In the summer time it gets well over 50 degrees, in winter time it can go as low a 0 degrees in the morning and 25 in afternoon time.
A camel to close.

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