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TC 2800-1 Ulferts & Wittrock.

Early September 2007 two 115t heavy trusses had to be placed in Rotterdam. The first truss had to be placed at a radius of 48m.

Mammoet should do the job with a LR 1750 but they didn't had a crane available so the TC 2800-1 from Ulferts & Wittrock was rented.

The TC was just a couple of weeks old.

This AC 160-2 from Mammoet build the TC together.

Because the truss had to be placed at a large radii the crane was fitted with the max 300t superlift counterweight.

A huge stack!

The trusses where brought in by a floating sheerleg and where moved into range of the crane by means of SPMT. Tailing crane to put the truss in upright position were a GMK 5200 and a LTM 1250-6.1. Because there had to be lifted overhead of a metro-line the work had to take place at night.

After the truss was picked up between the building the crane could slew just clearing the structure with the superlift.

To place the load at the desired radii the superlift counterweight was connected to the crane.

Here was the truss hanging above its final destination.

After both trusses were placed the crane could be taken down, again in a very limited space.

The crane was taken appart by this GMK 5130-1 from Mammoet.

Back on the way to Germany for the next windmills.

To close a nice picture of the TC. I want to thank the people from U&W again for their hospitality.

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